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About us

Rensys was established
over 10 years ago.
We started from conventional energy to quickly focus on renewable energy sources responding to the growing market demand for wind farm and photovoltaic farm projects.

Currently Rensys collaborates with a team of designers from various branches. This allows us to combine both experience and creativity in our designs. We focus on efficiency and optimization, so we consider limited space or unusual solutions a challenge. Our scope of work covers the design part as well as conducting the investment implementation until commissioning.
We want our solutions to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas production. Therefore we follow the CO2 = 0 concept by implementing SF6-free devices in our projects.


Renewable energy solutions design

Wind farms

Wind is an unlimited soured of energy. With our many years’ experience, we know how to harness it efficiently with the use of latest technologies. Our projects are characterized by innovation and simplicity. We know how to build wind farms in an optimized way, using available space rationally and minimizing the impact on the environment. We offer designs preparation, obtaining the necessary conditions and permits as well as supervision over the construction process until commissioning.

Photovoltaic farms

During the year, 291 petawatt hours (1015 PWh) of solar radiation energy reaches the surface of Poland. We only use 0.0006% of the available potential. Our aim is to make solar energy matter. Our scope of works includes the construction of photovoltaic farms from concept to commissioning. For our client’s investment we will find a suitable location, obtain connection conditions, prepare a design and supervise the construction until launch.

Energy storage

In the coming years, along with the increasing use of renewable energy sources, the energy storage technologies will gain in importance. We want to support our clients in their pursuit of energy security and independence thus we are ready to offer solutions that enable storing energy obtained from renewable sources in an optimal, safe and effective manner.

Construction design necessary to obtain a building permit

Architectural land development part

Civil engineering and construction part

Electrical part

Obtaining permits and agreements

Total power of investments implemented by Rensys


Zarządzanie inwestycjami

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